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Abigail, Admin, Endo Sufferer

Hi, I'm Abi, age 15. I'm admin on this site.

My problems started when I was 11, my mum always said it was endometriosis but no one would listen, with doctors even saying I was making it up to get attention as had family around my bedside. I have seen lots of different doctors to rule things out. I had a diagnostic laparoscopy at 13, my parents had to fight very hard for this, endometriosis was confirmed but they would not remove it. We then fought to find another specialist and they agreed to surgery as said I need excision surgery which I had last year aged 14. I have been in a wheelchair for 2 years now as I am unable to stand or walk on my own as the pain is so bad. This obviously has an effect on my mental health as I am not able to participate in normal teenage things. I've had a drastic change to my normal life. I have often been left to feel different, isolated and frustrated. It's not easy going from being able to do anything and everything to being restricted in a short space of time.