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Sky, Admin, Endo Sufferer

Hi, i am Sky and i am the youngest admin in the team. This is my story.. When i was 9 i started finding spots of blood in my underwear and would get pain in my lower belly and back for a few days a month and this carried on until i was 11. One month i had excruciating pain and all of a sudden i started bleeding really heavy. I was having to change my pad and underwear at least twice every hour and at one point i was too scared to get off the toilet through fear of there being lots of blood. I remember sitting on the toilet crying my eyes out because i was scared. I had never had this amount of pain and the bleeding was so heavy i thought my body was going to run out.  I called my mum and she sat on the bathroom floor for an hour because i was too scared to move. My mum didn't tell me i was overreacting or that i was being dramatic, she just sat with me and kept me company until i felt safe to move. I have 3 brothers who turned the sofa into a bed with drinks, chocolates, teddys and a duvet whilst i was in the bathroom. I know i am super lucky to have such a supportive family. It took 3 periods for me to be ok with the pain and amount of blood i was loosing. When i am on my period i am unable to move and end up missing at least 1 week of school per month. My mum spoke with school and sent them a lot of information about endometriosis, now when i have a flare up they send my school work home so that i don't fall behind whilst i am ill. I currently take tranexamic acid for the pain and bleeding and have learnt not to try and do much during a flare because of the fatigue. When i am in pain i like to draw and bake, i find they help me take my mind off of it.