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Laureen, Admin, Mum

Hi, I am Laureen and this is my story.. Eighteen months ago I had barely heard of endometriosis but then my youngest daughter, who was then only 14, started getting excruciating pains which did not go away. After two hospital admissions over two weeks the doctors were not sure what was wrong. They said they suspected appendicitis and they wanted to do a laparoscopy to check this. After the laparoscopy they said that my daughter had a burst cyst which they had cleaned up and now she would be ok. Sadly this was not the case and within a few weeks she was in pain again. We have been told by many doctors the same stories that others will have heard, that this pain was all in my daughters head due to anxiety, that maybe she had bowel issues and that there was no chance that her pain was gynae related because of her age. Doctors actually told us that she was making it all up for attention. However I knew my daughter, I believed she was in pain and I was prepared to fight for a proper diagnosis to try and get her better. A chance discussion with an endo sufferer started us wondering about endometriosis and I began researching this as much as possible. My daughter had excision surgery about 9 months later and was formally diagnosed.  I have spent a lot of time over the last 18 months educating myself as much as possible about endometriosis to try and get the best possible care and treatment for my daughter but I still find it all overwhelming. The amazing support I have received from others in this community has been invaluable

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