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Keri, Founder, Endo Sufferer, Mum

Hi, I am Keri, Founder of Endo Support United. I have had endometriosis symptoms since the age of 9 but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 24 when I was admitted to hospital for pain.  Growing up with endometriosis was difficult because my family didn't know or want to know about the condition and I was often told it was in my head and I was looking for attention. By the time I became a teenager I had learned to live with the pain in silence because it was easier than being told to stop being a drama queen and it was just a period, every woman gets them and they can cope, so why can't i?  I started to believe it was all in my head and that I had a really low pain threshold because my mum and friends could carry on whilst on their period so why wasn't I able to do the same without wanting to scream and cry from the pain. This obviously delayed my diagnosis and added to the severity of the disease when it was finally found. The day I was diagnosed I cried so much, I finally had a reason for being this way and it wasn't my fault! I have had a lot of treatments since my diagnosis including, excision surgery, chemical menopause and finally I had a full hysterectomy with both ovaries and cervix removed at 26. I am currently waiting for more surgery because the endometriosis has spread to a lot of areas in my body including, bowel, bladder, pelvis and the muscles in my hysterectomy scar. When my daughter was born, I was still undiagnosed and had no idea what endometriosis was let alone that it could be hereditary. My daughter Sky started showing symptoms at the age of 9 and I quickly began doing as much research as I could on the subject. When she was 11 I had joined an amazing support group but I soon realised there wasn't much knowledge about adolescent endometriosis. I began speaking with Angela and we both agreed we needed to do something to help young girls with endometriosis. We then decided to start a support group "Teens With Endo" on June 5th 2019. Within days the group started to grow with girls and mums who desperately needed support and information.