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Angela, Founder, Mum

 Hi, I'm Angela, I am Founder of Teens With Endo. This is my story.. Our daughter Abigail suffers with endometriosis and we have had a 4 year battle which has been incredibly difficult and still is. Problems started when she was 11, just before her periods started. We were told she was imagining it and seeking attention from us all but we knew this wasn't the case as this is not who she is.We have seen many specialists over the years to rule conditions out, she has had lots of tests done, scans, MRI's as they would not believe us when we said it's endometriosis, she was too young! We had to fund many of these ourselves as we were banging our head against a brick wall as no one would listen. After many battles they agreed to perform a diagnostic laparoscopy which confirmed endometriosis, however this was not removed. We continued the research to find a Doctor who would help and she had excision surgery age 14 last year. This has helped an awful lot but she suffers with chronic pelvic pain which we are trying to source help with and has been in a wheelchair for two years now due to this. She has missed half of her comprehensive school life and all school trips years 7 - 11 due to this condition.We have a excellent endometriosis specialist, two GP's and a good paediatric doctor on board but it has taken a lot to get to this point. As a parent I understand what other parents are feeling as it is heartbreaking to watch your child go through something like this and the battles that you face, but also sympathise with teenagers as I see first hand what it does to our daughter.They are not too young and fighting for confirmation that its endometriosis or not is worth the battle to help your child.I'm proud to be part of this amazing group which provides support and guidance at all times. 


We stand united together and we will fight together! 


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