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Endo Support United

Endo Support United was created because we wanted to make a difference. 1 in 10 people born with a uterus have endometriosis, making it as common as diabetes. Unfortunately it takes on average 6 to 8 years to get a diagnosis. We don't think this is fair and we want to change how everyone see's endometriosis. It is just a bad period and it is in your head is something every endometriosis sufferer hears all too often. At Endo Support United we believe every endometriosis sufferer deserves a voice and deserves to be listened to. Creating change is often spoken about but rarely followed through with and we want you to know we are listening and we are doing something!

Teens With Endo

Teens With Endo was started when our daughters began having symptoms of endometriosis. We started researching adolescent endometriosis and quickly realised there wasn't anything available for young people. We have always found the support groups to be a lifeline and wanted our daughters to have something similar that was especially for their age group. Teens With Endo is a safe space for vulnerable teenagers and their mum's, we offer much needed support and understanding in a confidential judgement free zone. The group is vigilantly monitored by our very experienced admin team because your childrens safety is our first priority.

Someone I Love Has Endo

Someone I Love Has Endo was created because it became a popular question with no answer. Where can my dad, partner or friends go to look at information and gain support? We at Endo Support United understand the importance of loved ones receiving the help they need to understand the condition and pain they go through and the knowledge needed to take care of the person they love.


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Endo Support United have started this Petition because people everywhere are suffering. You can help them by signing and sharing!